Friday, September 29, 2006

h500 moto
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radio shack

Sunday, September 17, 2006


odo was 115.9
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92506 fuel
2.249 per
6.75 tot
1202 pm
heading to office
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Friday, September 15, 2006

Degree 10 and 11 - Scottish Rite

Scottish Rite degrees 10 and 11 were on Thursday night.

Both were great, but since many of the members in 10th degree were from my blue lodge, I say it was the best. :)
It is a great degree anyway I must say. I'm always impressed with the amount of work that the cast and crew must go through to prepare.

Next week #12 and 13!

Earlier today....beautiful day!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nap time again

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


it's so dee-lish!

Monday, September 11, 2006


Kim and Kacey stopped by on Saturday (I think it was Saturday!) to see Austin. Nice to see those guys. They were out doing some shopping for back-to-school. Kacey is in 7th grade! Time keeps marching on.'s very delicious. It's one of the few sugar pops that I still like! Just a little plug there.

Man it's cool out! I actually had to move on to a long sleeve shirt tonight.


Since it's 105am Monday and I'm sitting installing server software, I thought I could throw out some thoughts...

Actually rode the 'Wing a few times this week for errands. I never get tired of how comfy that bike is. I really like it! Even if it is 10 years old! I can't imagine what more I could want in a bike...(except a cig. lighter receptacle on the dash!).

I'm trying to remember the's kind of a blur of a holiday and work and not work and the new baby!

Who ever said Kris Kristoferson could sing?

Thursday was a busy day. I had a doc appt and the church nurse stopped by with an awesome prayer blanket for Austin. Then I almost forgot to go to the Scottish Rite temple for class! I got there late, which worked out..since they were running just about as late as I was. Had a meatball dinner and then went through the #7, 8, and 9 degrees!
Of those, I think the #7 was my favorite, but 8 was a close second. #9 I need to see again....I feel like I missed something. Maybe I was tired!

Friday Austin went to the Doc and we found his weight is holding, but not gaining much at all. We have to continue to feed him as much as he can take. Wish I had that problem!
I also worked a half day on Friday.
Saturday we just did stuff around the house. I got the front lawn mowed, but it rained today (Sunday), so the back isn't done!

And now REALLY it's early MOnday!

bad idea


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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ending 92469
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I'm actually going to ride a little tonight
st: 92446 mi
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More pix posted Tuesday evening.

I just put even more pictures out on Yahoo. I think I'm finally caught up.

Monday, September 04, 2006

MORE pictures of Austin on Yahoo.

I just put a BOATLOAD of baby pictures out on Yahoo:

Crazy week

Been a little crazy the past week.

I DID indeed complete the Master Mason degree last Monday evening and was raised to that sublime degree!

Tuesday Jerrie and Austin came home from the hospital.

Weds. we were all at home and Jerrie got to get out and go her "baby group" meeting while Grandma and I watched Austin.

Thursday we all tried to get some sleep to the extent we could.
The nurse from the hospital stopped by to check on Jerrie and Austin.

Thursday night I had planned to go to the Scottish Rite Temple for a visit with some brothers from the lodge. I found out Monday night that they were starting degree classes that same Thursday evening. Thought about it and decided to go for it and join the Scottish Rite and check that out. It was great! What a wonderful group of guys and a great facility. Went through degrees 4, 5 and 6 with them. 6 was my favorite, I'll have to say.
By December, I should be a 32nd degree Scottish Rite mason.

Friday we took Austin to the pediatrician for a weight and jaundice check at the urging of the nurse on Thursday.
He did at least keep his weight even and maybe even gained an ounce. Doc said the jaundice was looking OK and the rest of his checkup looked good. Asked us to come back on Tuesday.

Saturday...a few visitors. My sister Kristin and Doug came up to see the baby and take my mom back home to St. Peter.
Also our friend Dana stopped by with a meatloaf...which was quite timely. We had some Saturday night!
Spent almost all day Saturday doing an upgrade for work too. That took far longer than expected, but finally turned out OK.
Went to bed to get some sleep for the trip to So. Dak. on Sunday... up at 730 and got ready to head out to Volga, SD to see Austin's Great-Grandma, Aunt DeAnna and Uncle Loren.
Visited for a while and I took a nap so I could be awake for the ride back. Had about 9 hours driving round-trip that day!
Loren and I went over to Brookings to pick up some supper. We all ate and talked for a while, then we had to head back home.
At least we got to hang around for about 5 hours. Got home around midnight.

Monday...purposely planned for a light day to catch up on rest for everyone...and we did!

Tomorrow, Jerrie has a doc appt for herself and Austin goes to the pediatrician again to meet his regular doc.
We had to go to a different doc on Friday. The regular one wasn't in, but we really like the one on duty too, so he's a good choice as well.

Wednesay, back to work if all goes well.'s all I can say! A lot of stuff crammed into one week!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

hello from Volga, SD
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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Wow...I'm trying to remember the day!

Quite a few hours of it were spent working (for like actual work, you know, employment). CallManager upgrade.
Gud night! Took almost all day!

Grandma Jo was here all day. Kristin and Doug came up later in the afternoon. Grandma rode back to St. Peter with Kristin.