Monday, July 31, 2006

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Floppy disk

Every once in a while I get the "opportunity" to use a floppy disk in some of the older laptops that I use for radio work.
It never ceases to amaze me how SLOW floppies are ...even in shiny new machines (the few that actually still have floppies!).

Friday, July 28, 2006


Austin looked healthy on the ultrasound yesterday. Pretty good growth the way it looks. They estimate about 4.5 lbs at this time.


Thursday, July 27, 2006


May as well post some pix if I'm not going to say anything!

There was a blurb in the Mpls Tribune about blogging in Minnesota...referring to the mundane nature of personal blogs. How CORRECT they were!

Saints game

Pic test

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sunday, July 23, 2006


The spammer scum sub-species has found my blog. So I've turned on "word verification" for those wanting to comment.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

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Friday, July 21, 2006

suspicions by Eddie Rabbitt
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Past week

I haven't blogged all week the way it looks....

Hope I can remember something.
Nothing worth mentioning at went fairly well and that's good. No major malfunctions.

Nothing too exciting as I recall. Got my ECI13 completion card though!
My new HT1000 UHF decided to start doing 16 channels as it should. Went from 4 to 8 to 16 gradually...very scary.
CIPTUG chapter meeting...went pretty well. Next one in a month!
CAP night. Col. Uhlig did the program on aviation charts.
Stopped by the ERC on the way home. Pretty warm out there and a few mosquitoes!

Weds: Jerrie was off to So. Dak to visit the people. I think I worked on the up the interior. and wASHING it.
Thursday...must have been boring...I can't remember. But Jerrie came home.
Friday night and Saturday we had a baby delivery prep class in Shakopee.
Saturday night...went out for late night pancakes. It's pretty much been hot all week. Saturday was the worst at about 99.
Sunday: Church. Went to Hudson Wisc. to the St. Croix model railroad for a picnic and train rides with guys from the lodge...should post a pic or 2.
Came home tonight and found I had to reboot the Unity nodes....multiple weird issues...glad I took a look!

No big or cool projects this week and not much bike riding. Just trying to stay cool!

Have a busy week ahead and need to get some time on setting up accommodations for visitors for Jerrie's shower at the end of the month.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Does anyone read this blog?

Go ahead an post comments.....this is one of the few times in life when I'm actually requesting commentary.

My kids know the story behind that. "When I need commentary, I'll ask for it"

Right Ross, Crystal and Doug??


Sunday and Saturday recap

ending miles 92261 : trip odo 135

Took the burb to church today...and it that is GOOD.

Ran into Bill at church today, which was pretty cool...went to the courtyard service and the day was perfect for it.

Went back home, got on the bike and headed to Lindstrom for the pancake feed at lodge there.
Made it there by 11:30, which was good, since it was done at noon!
It was Karl Oskar days in Lindstrom...didn't know THAT. Makes for a mighty busy town!
Breakfast was excellent and they were doing a brisk business to be sure.

Headed down hwy 8 somewhat aimlessly and ended up in Taylors Falls, where I stopped to call Jerrie and tell her that I failed to bring my phone.
Had a nature call and picked up a huge diet Pepsi and headed back west on 8 to 95.
Went south on 95 to the Square lake park exit (sq. lake trail) and went to the park, found out you needed a sticker (been there before when they weren't carding) and u-turned out and kept heading west on sq. lake trl till I hit Manning.
Took manning south to Hwy 36 and stopped at Fleet Farm to get off the bike and do a little shopping. Picked up some 2" chicken wire for antenna project ground planes.
Got back on and went down 36 to 35W stopped off at General Nanosystems to pick up a wireless card for Jerrie's laptop and then took 94 back to 35w and went home.
About 130 miles today. Good ride...was tired when I got home and fell asleep. By the time I woke up Jerrie was home and we headed over Szechuan Star to eat too many calories for my diet. We came back home and Jerrie wasn't feeling all that great, so we just took it easy.

What did I do yesterday, besides finish the suburban? I don't remember...let's see....
Oh yeah, we went to Kimmy's wedding reception. She's my baby sister. Got married in January in Florida. Waited till now for a little party! Good food, but kinda hot I must say.

So yeah...kind of a busy weekend, but not bad at all!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

yesterday end 92128

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They finally got Jerrie's Jeep back on the road. It had been acting like there was a loose connection in the control system.
Displays were showing weird codes and stuff occasionally.

They replaced a module, but I think the real problem was a loose connection they found under the passenger seat. Whatever, it was all on Chrysler's dime. Seems to be OK now.


Austin was REALLY moving around a lot the other night. It was almost like he was fighting to get out! At least he seems to be a strong little guy! He's been quite active lately. Someone even commented to Jerrie that they saw the baby move while she was waiting at the pharmacy.

His nursery is substantiall ready to go. Awaiting the Sept. arrival of new little Mr. Palmquist.


Forgot to renew the domain.
It sure cut down on spam for a while till the domain came back up when I renewed it. Sorry to anyone that sent email durning that still worked at least.


Fourth of July was definitely a day of rest and fun. Hung around home and then headed down to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon for a BBQ.
Dad makes good brats and burgers. Thought I had some fireworks to I did. Come to find out it was mostly garbage from last year's fireworks.

Headed back home and saw a number of fireworks displays on the way home.

Back to work for the rest of the week and survived that.

SUBURBAN has been resurrected (raised?)

I replaced the starter in the burb last weekend, but it still didn't start...just a clunk. It was so hot and I was such a mess that I just let it sit for the week.
BTW, the old one tested bad at Checker...I think it's been crapping out for a while...near death.

Today I started by checking the engine block ground....found it to be torqued to maybe 10 foot pounds. Not good...I expected it to put up a little fight, but it came right out. Took out the bolt and found the cable, the block and the bolt all to be quite dirty...a poor connection for sure. Cleaned that up, popped the starter back in and it started right up. The new starter sounds much better than the old one did. Of course part of that could be the better ground connection.
Anyway, I now have a lifetime warranty - 2 year roadside tow- starter in there. A good thing in MN winter.

Starter is a piece of cake in the Suburban...2 bolts and 3 cables. All easy access.
A parking lot replacement would be quite feasible. Helps to jack up the front end a little..for those of us a little rotund. :P

Work PC

See that error screen below? One of our workstation analysts took a look and found the hard drive to be one step from total death. He was able to recover all my data off of it and put in a new hard drive. The machine was not quite 4 months old! Oh well, at least it works.
I have enough other machines at work to take care of. I let our workstation guys and gals take care of my actual "WORK" PC. They keep things "corporate" and maintainable.
They follow our network rules, we follow their PC rules. :)

Friday, July 07, 2006

happy to report that I'm done with ECI 13!

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

fuel 92125
2.979 per
101.7 mi
1005pm 7/6
holiday on 50th

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start 92122

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