Wednesday, March 15, 2006

let's do another mobile blog here

out walking punkin now

had to go to the cpap clinic today for an equipment check. Got some new filters and tubing and a mask.

Worked a goofy split shift today but it woked out well

more snow tonight?

That sucks

maybe I can get some time in on the shop project!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The baby!

We just heard the baby on the doppler tonight VERY clearly for the first time. Once we had it a few days back, but this time was CLEAR and loud and steady! It was TOO cool!

Heart rate was about 150-155 or so and so clear!

It's amazing what a $120 doppler can do.

Here I go endorsing another product: The Bistos Hi-Bebe BT-200

But I'll tell works and we heard it plain as day...

This time and the time we heard at the doctor we thought afterwards we should have recorded it...
But when you hear it, you are so entrhalled with the sound that recording it is the last thing on your mind.
Maybe next time we can catch it.

We're in week 14!

The shop...what the ?

What ever happened to the computer shuffle/ new shop area?
No updates?


Cuz I haven't done a damn thing.

Oh...I guess I did move the one computer work area from the office to the shop...
And the resulting even bigger mess.

Maybe tomorrow night?

Gotta run out to the hangar tomorrow night and see what's up with one of the radios out there too.

What's the highlight of the day?

Not so much....traffic sucked this morning, so I turned around and worked from home.
It was sunny and that did some serious melting at least.

I got a whole lot of nothing done tonight.

And more snow coming this week on Thursday? :(


Here's the place for good Chinese...

Szechuan Star Restaurant
3655 Hazelton Rd
Edina, MN 55435-4210
(952) 835-7610

How I ended up with a new laptop I'm trying to remember Saturday a little more....
Spent some time at CompUSA, OfficeDepot, Microcenter...where else?

Came home and did some research and read some ads.
Was looking at some ACER models at MicroCenter. They had one laptop for $499 I considered.
They had the Compaq V2552US at CompUSA for $579 after rebates...most of them instant that was really mytop contender. Best Buy in AppleValley had Toshiba for like $529 I think...only saw that one at Apple Valley.

Richfield didn't have it. Didn't look at the Best Buy ad till I was at the Richfield one...and then saw theCompaq V4310NR for $699 (reg. 949). OK...I had set kind of a limit at $700. I don't need big performance and I don't wanta notebook that's so expensive I'm afraid to take it anywhere for fear of loss, theft or damage.So the $699 was at about the limit. So we're down to the $579 vs. $699 choice.

Better processor/Centrino set
More RAM
Bigger screen!
Built in card reader
more USB ports
Bigger hard drive
Better built optical drive
All instant mail in at all.

All that stuff worth $120 more?

Sat at home thinking about that most of the afternoon.

I knew they had at least 2 in stock at Richfield. Saw 'em there in the cage below the laptops.
They didn't close till 10, so I had some time. But the sale was over Saturday on both machines...I hadto make a move if I wanted either.

I read and researched while Jerrie was napping....the pregnancy really has her tired. Not much "morning sickness,"but she's been really tired in this first trimester...which is now officially over! The trimester anyway...we'll seeabout the tiredness. :)

It's crackin me up that I need the battery tonight (Sunday night). We have NO power! I'm editing this on the new laptop.In the dark.

Back at the ranch...After she woke up, talked to Jerrie and decided to go with the V4000 series.So we headed over there around 8pm and with little fuss, I shelled out $750 (ouch, tax!) and had a new laptop.Wow..they gave me a free blank DVD and 2 CD roms..with cases! Pretty exciting. I can't burn DVDs in this thing, but anyway....

I tossed the 4000 in the trunk and we headed over to eat at the Chinese place I can never remember the name of.I'll have to post it when I's a great place...and they are very friendly and helpful.This one is in Edina. We also go to First Wok in Bloomington a lot...they are just as good, but a little farther.

Ya the time we were done eating...I was nearly deleriously tired. I got to sleep at 2am Saturday and woke up at 8am. It was so nice and sunny! I then went out and found it was over 40 degrees! Sat. morning was very got cooler througout the day though... ;(
I was tired and almost decided to just leave the laptop till Sunday...but Jerrie wanted to take a look at it, soI got it out and fired it up. And then proceeded to monkey with it for till midnight. Was impressed with everything. The size is a bit hard to get used to. It's a lot bigger than my old 13" Dell.A bit heaver too I think.

Here ends Saturday!


Jerrie had to get up and go to work right away to get a jumpstart on her busy week.
I got up and headed over to Panera for breakfast and brought the 4000 along to try out their wireless.
Installed the VpN client and futzed the machine.
came home and fixed that.
Took a nap!Monkeyed with Tmobile plan.
tried new uniden add-on phone.
Ate at mcdonalds

Snowing out!
Power went out!

Now it's Tuesday and I've forgotten the rest of the day

I'm posting this Tuesday. Finally!

Monday, March 13, 2006

We got hammered.

Snow Alert!

I took this pic today.... we got close to a foot of heavy snow.
What a mess. About 26 degrees now at 3pm. Snow has stopped.

Sunday, March 12, 2006 expensive day

Saturday we got up and went way the heck down to the IHOP in Apple Valley. I figured the one at MOA would be too busy. The one down there wasn't bad at all. Jerrie was wantin' banana/walnut pancakes..and I always want pancakes. I also had an omelette. Then I did aimless crusing for a while and ended up at Best Buy and Office Max....dangerously looking at a new laptop. The last battery in my old 400MHz Dell bit it. Close to $100 for a new one...and you don't want to buy a used one..the circuitry inside the battery decides when it's dead..not the cells.
So one day it works and PING..the next day it's dead. Li-Ion batteries are pretty funky I you don't want to charge them as they get old apparently...whatever!

So after that...I'm wantin' a new laptop. I've been watching the ads and looking on the net...

No laptop at this point....but I was still too full from pancakes.

The pet store.

Pumpkin was along and she loves going in there...good place for a little controlled socialization for her with pets and people (esp in the winter).

Headed home after that as I recall?

The picture is from my Treo 650. Not much of a camera I'm's one step better than nothing. I do like having it though...
More on page 2!


Whassup this weekend? Or should I say...what WAS up this weekend.

Friday night we went over to IKEA to look at baby furniture and other household goodies. Gotta love those Swedes and their minimally packaged goods. Such good deals there! The stuff varies in quality, but is generally a good bargain.
Had some Svedish Meatballs and Walleye for dinner there and delcious Daim cake for dessert...and of course, coffee (it's a Swedish place and I'm a lot of Swede)...or is it that I'm a lot Swedish? Skipping coffee is not an option.

Anyway...we pretty much bought nothing....except food. Got lots of ideas. I guess Jerrie and I were in browsing mode more than buying...and I was glad of that when I saw how long the checkout lines were.

Was glad the cafeteria line was short!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

cool site

OK...I finally figured out my user-id/password and subsequently the email addy I used to create this thing...

Here's a cool site....

H Very cool. Look at the Tick Tock Toys section

Lots of pics of product packaging from the old days!

how damn dumb do you have to be to forget the user id password and email for ur blog site

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Monday, March 06, 2006

standing here waiting for the bus and bored

not a bad day at work.
Got stuff accomplished.

Wx now is about 35 and cloudy

does nor feel like spring TOO much

ordered a back door (barn door) handle for the suburban on ebay.
Now If Doug can only find the lock cylinder!

Still need a front seat and a new set of tires and need to check the brakes....but it's quite drivable!'s Monday, but it doesn't feel like it!