Friday, October 31, 2008

Nice day today.

Low 70s! Rode the bike tonight to take Doug to TSI in Burnsville to drop his car off for tranny work. Painted the garage service door... Took a server out to Lake Elmo. Both grammas are here today. Doug had the big dental work done today. A busy day!

Gas tonight in the bike. Probably the last full tank of the year.
94730 miles..130 on the tank.

June 2008 ..Yikes!

Another Apr 2008 pic

My wife, my baby and bikes!

It doesn't get any better. :)
BUt...I wish the picture was phones...YUCK. Barely acceptable.

Austin likes oatmeal! April 2008 Flashback!

The housing market...this is appropriate...

Counting the Pumpkins

Presents from Grandma Jan and Grandpa Brett

He LOVED all the cars and trucks!
4th Generation Palmquist car freak! Great Grandpa Carl, Grandpa Jerry, Dad, Brother Doug, and Austin!
I wonder if there's a Buick in that load of cars he's taking out of the big truck?

The boy with his 2 grammas.

It was not possible to get all 3 to have a straight face at the same time. So here are a few examples...

Jack also felt the need to be in the picture.

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Dirt cheap...well...comparatively


And to think...

Just a month ago, I thought 3.38 was cheap. This is a dollar a gallon less.

That's 71% of the price last month! A 29% discount.


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