Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pix and news

I think I'm caught up on pictures finally. I still need to get my picture album site fixed.
VERY disappointing that it broke.

Cold enough for ya? At least it's not -39 like it was in St. Cloud in about 1982 one morning when I had to fix a transmitter.

THAT was just brittle.

Although, really, it didn't feel much different than -20. Luckily it was totally calm, as I recall.

Oh yeah...still no callsign for Doug today. KD0CT_?

What else is new? Jerrie is in Boston tonight...that has given me some time to do blogging!

Nothing new in the Masonic world, not much new in the CAP world. Not much new in the radio world either I guess. Too cold for news!

Then came Doug's birthday!

A couple more of Austin.

3084 - Austin

On my birthday too.

OK ..time to catch up on some pictures

First.... My birthday..

Notice the portable radios on the cake! The other pix of are of me, Jerrie, Crystal, Doug, Austin and my mom.

The silly sign notes our ages on this day (20 Jan 2008!)

Doug's friend

Doug found this cat hiding in our shrubs when it was about -10 degrees the other night. He's trying to find the owner!

austin at fudds

He was looking up at all the ceiling fans..which he loves for some reason.

Maybe because he has one in his room.

This was at Fuddrucker's

Doug, Austin and I went there and split one big burger. Lucky Austin wasn't very hungry.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No callsign

No callsign for Doug today either...and they are quickly running out of KD0CSx callsigns.


BUT I have a cool little picture. The kitty on the right. Click him to see it better.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Low res pic from the HTC phone

This is Austin at the library while Doug was taking his ham tests. The Eden Prairie library has a lot of fun things for even little kids...puppets, puzzles, toys, games...and of course a ton of books.

STILL NO CALLSIGN for Doug. Maybe tomorrow. It'll be a week tomorrow.

At least he won't have to wait like 6-8 weeks as it was when I got my Novice license in 1976.
That was a LONG wait for a 14 year old.

Testing 123

(sent via Sprintpcs on the HTC Mogul)

(sent via Sprintpcs on the HTC Mogul)


Last week Doug passed his Technician class Ham license test with a score of 100%! No call letters yet, but they should be out this week.

He came very close to passing the General as well....without studying for that!

Also had his birthday and I need to get some new pictures up of that and Austin and my birthday as well.

Kinda poky on blogging lately.

One other thing going on is that I'm learning how to run my new phone. It's an HTC Mogul Windows Mobile device. Sprint and EVDO mean FAST internet!

OOOOOH and I found an IBM mainframe simulator program! Kind of looking forward to playing with that and seeing how much of what I learned back in the 80s that I have forgotten.

I went to school for IBM mainframes (43xx/DOS/VSE/CICS/COBOL) and only used it for about 6 months at Computoservice writing assembler programs. If it wouldn't have been for that I'd have never used the skills! I went to work at Northwest Airlines and did Unisys (Univac/Sperry) assembler work most of my mainframe life. Well, I can program in assembler bi-lingually I guess. Or at least I could at one point!


Fiftieth birthday of Legos according to Google.
Ross loved Legos when he was little and even not so little. It made it easy buying presents! Anything Legos was a winner.
I remember Ross and Grampa Jerry used to "play" with the Legos.
Grampa being a bricklayer and stone mason, I'm sure they came up with some pretty cool designs.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pix and a video

Christmas Pix


Here are the Fluke meters:
8050A on top - the beater of the bunch, but works great.
8012A middle - like new
8600A bottom - my favorite I think. A classic!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Fluke 8012A

I got the Fluke meter working!

Replaced a couple of transistors in the inverter/power supply.

Nice I have an 8600A, an 8050A and the 8012A.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Just a pic...