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Happy Birthday

Happy #26 today, Ross. In some ways those 26 years seem like a flash. In other ways, it's been a LONG time.

I remember clearly bringing you home to the apartment on Front St. in St. Peter and then moving to Sauk Rapids in a few weeks in the big yellow van. Wish I could remember for sure how long we stayed in St. Peter after you were born. It seems as if it was less than a month.

I had a lot more energy, less inibition and less common sense back then!
I was all of 20 years old and we had the best baby in the world.


cheap! U know what I mean......


put some in the burban.

Thought 3.44 was cheap till I drove about 10 blocks and found it for 3.38.

I honestly thought it said 3.58 or 3.68.

Oh well, it'll be back up to 3.75 in no time as big oil continues to screw with us.

But that's what we get for having cars that run on fire power...still...after 100 years....

I have more data processing power in my car than mainframes I've worked on. Have digital/satellite audio systems in the car we only dreamed of in the 70s and early 80s. Have navigation systems the military would have loved to have even 30 years ago. Have DVD video in the car.

But still the following remain virutally untouched from Henry's Model T:

1. Burn gas

2. Have only one gas tank. When it runs out, too bad

3. Rubber (mostly rubber) tires that wear out

4. We DO have a battery now and "electric" start, but still only have one battery (full of lead and sulfuric acid). If that battery goes dead, too bad. I'd even settle for a low-voltage disconnect or time delay-disconnect that would leave me with enough power to start the car.

Either you can call it a design that's passed the test of time or you can call it lack of ingenuity.

Perhaps stifiling of ingenuity by "big oil"?

I do like fuel injection however! Yeah, it's complicated and a little hard to work on, but it sure beats the old carbeurators. At least there's been one HUGE improvement in reliability there. I'm reminded of that when my GoldWing (with it's carbs) is a little stubborn to start after it sits a while or is cold. And it runs like 73 Plymouth with 80k miles on a -20 degree morning till it warms up a little. Not sure what Honda was waiting for in 1996. Cars had fuel injection for 10 years or more by then.

Guess they are allowed ONE mistake. OK two...the STUPID turn signal switch mechanics are pretty weak. They could have done that with more electronics and less electro-mechanics. The mechanics of the Hazard Light switch are similarly sad. At least I can deal with that stuff and have been able to fix it without replacing the assemblies. I still love the 'Wing though! Couldn't think of any other bike I'd rather have than my GL1500SE.

Maybe a Concours or an ST1100/1300 or a Beemer Touring bike. I like a comfortable, quiet, smooth ride with lots of toys, a big fairing and lots o' storage! The GoldWing is perfect!

Every time I ride it I think "there is nothing I would change about this bike."


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

found at mcdonalds

it says: 'no one understands the "bush doctrine" because it was created by a **** idiot.Bush is the dumbest man to ever be president of the US.'


I just found it funny that someone wrote commentary in the paper at McDonald's.

The view expressed above is not necessarily that of the author or of this publication.

I didn't say it wasn't, but I didn't say it was.

Wish I would have had a REAL camera along. These were taken with my phone (Treo 650).


Had the oppotunity to go over the new 35W bridge today. So that's something..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Riding bike today

120m /tank
3.8g at 359.9per g

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Riding a horse at Rally Sunday at church

He enjoyed it this year more than last year.

Sleeping in the van with headphones on.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This is Marshall in 2 years.