Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm just thinking

If I had a lot of time....I'd sit around and post negative comments on blog sites.

Probably becuase I have nothing positive to contribute to the world, but like to see my words in print and hear myself talk. Possibly, because I'm the only one that would listen.

Just a thought.

More pix again- mar. 07 - snow last week.

This seemed like a lot of snow...till we got the next 15" blast! It was REALLY nothing!
I'll have to get a new pic, but now the snow is OVER the top of this fence (below - with the gate). I found this interesting...a snowprint of the door.

More pix - mar. 07

Having some carrots for the first time.

Welcome to March 07 - time for more pix and less words

Austin on his "6 month" birthday anniversary. He did NOT get to eat the cake. :(

Austin is wearing a tie-dye outfit his cousin Leah made.

new house (maybe)

View from the road.

Still in negotiations, but here are some house pix of the house we are working on buying.