Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Pix..finally

OK...well...this blogger program has control of ME tonight.
This is not the way I wanted things to look, but here we go.
I wanted Austin first in the blog.

By the way. Click on the pics for bigger/better versions. I see I messed up the bottom one somehow.

First of the newest 32nd Degree Acient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masons in the Southern Jurisdiction! The final night with the 32nd degree on Thursday was awesome.
Gotta love the hat! Now I can go watch some of the degrees again and participate in some in an effort to pick up even a little more light. Minneapolis Valley rocks! Thanks guys.

OK...more pix
Here's Austin and Pumpkin. are at least 3 new pictures. I have a bunch to put out on Yahoo pix, but not done yet.

Austin and Pumpkin today! I love the flannel shirt. Ross would approve!

Done with the fist-clenching/hand-wringing phase. We thought he was going to end up with calloused hands.
Has moved on to more holding things and grasping for can be seen above.
It's a great toy Jerrie found for him.

He laughs now more often, though pretty much only for his Mom.

He is discovering his hands and feet are attached and available for inspection.

He want to sit up. Kind of an issue in the car seat. He's always doing "sit ups"

Sadly, he love to watch TV. Just mesmerized by that sad media. Sorry..'no opinions on the news'

Still loves taking baths.
Still likes everyone and is not afraid of strangers.
Is sleeping in the crib and bassinet and falling asleep on his own a fair bit.
He's happy to just lay in there and look around till he falls asleep.

I need to post more of this stuff as I think of it!

I'm outta here for tonight. Getting late, but I have more to write! darn.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006



This is pretty cool info for making cables to program radios and other devices via serial data.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Antenna Picture

Here's a picture of my son, Doug, putting the final touches on my little 2m/70cm beam. You obviously can see my Hustler vertical too. And if you look close, part of my dipole. Also, just to the left of the ladder is the 2/440 stick poking up.
My old 6m copper loop is laying on the air conditioner.

Antenna seems to work fine. Great SWR. Scary a dummy load would be. .>>>but it seems to work nicely.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm alive!

Yes...I'm still around, but haven't been blogging. Kinda busy, but more than that blogging just fell out of my routine.

Lots of people in town this weekend for Austin's baptism and we're getting ready for that.

Austin...he keeps getting bigger and more fun all the time. He even laughs once in a while now.

We were in Rochester last weekend when I heard and saw him laugh for the first time.
We went down there to "get out of town" and do some shopping and good dining.
At at the Hubbell House on Friday night and at Michael's on Saturday night.
Steak and shrimp at the Hubbell house and ribs at Michael's.
So Austin got to go with us this year on the annual Rochester ritual.

No motorcycle activity, except for me moving it about 5 feet in the garage to get a ladder out.
Got the ladder out to work on my 80/40 dipole...half of which had sagged to the roof and was laying on the roof.
Put the Hustler vertical antenna back up and put radials under it and it tunes VERY nicely now on 40/30/20/15/10.
Mike says I should go for it and put the 80m resonator on. Maybe this weekend. Hope that helps bring the 40m resonant point up about 200khz.
Doesn't make sense that it would, but I'm no antenna engineer.

I'm up to the 30th degree in Scottish Rite masonry. Only 31 and 32 to go! 2 weeks left to the black hat.

Got to attend the Master Mason (3rd degree) at my lodge on Monday. A lot different watching it than being in it! It was great. The past masters did a super job I thought.

No computer projects to speak of going on at the moment. I want to get on some digital ham radio modes this winter with my shiny new vertical antenna.

All is well. No snow yet (that stuck) and sunny warm weather today!