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Reset (reboot) 7960 Cisco SIP phone

* and 6 and "settings key" all at the same will reboot!

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K46 transmission


TuffTorq K46 / John Deere L110 Transmission Repair Guide with Pictures

Some K46's last a long time, while others do not. What is the secret? Read on..

The K46 Transmission, found in many models of small lawn and garden tractors, is often cursed at for it lack of durability. This transmission often requires replacement long before the rest of the lawn mower dies. Replacement cost reach 50% or more of the tractors original cost, if the work is done by a smiling JD Tech. Thus the phrase disposable tractor and transmission is often tossed around. Owners are stuck with few options. 

I had noted that my John Deere L110 max. speed was down a bit, and the groans from the rear end had increased. I knew the end was nearing. I found very little information on how to do this rebuild on the net. Most of what I found was pushing for an upgrade to a K66. At over $1000, I felt this is not viable option. After all, I only paid $1495 for the tractor! My feeling is that this tractor is not really designed for what a K66 can do. Something else is likely not going to hold up in the long run, even if the transmission is bullet proof. I decided to rebuild the K46 myself. After all, what's a good weekend project without the Fire Department involved? 
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My journey began with a discussion with a TuffTorq service tech at the TuffTorq Service Center in TN. Their telephone number is (423) 585-2000. Their web parts address is: Derrick Dalton was quite helpful. I had heard there was a rebuild kit, but it was over $300. So I asked the question of the Derrick. "What are the parts that are most often replaced when the K46 fails?" He graciously provided this information. My parts totaled $162.95 delivered with tax. Amazingly the parts arrived in 1 day! 

Parts List*: 

1. Cylinder block (pump) kit 
2. Cylinder block (Motor) Kit
3. Filter 105

*You will need to go to the TuffTorq site with the bar code tag from your transmission. Apparently there have been many different versions of this unit. Mine was a K46V. Yours may be another iteration. You will see an exploded view of the transmission for your version. Print this out for reference. I found the site challenging to use. No big deal, you can call the Tech and he will do all the work for you. Just have your bar code handy. 

I am providing this information as a reference ONLY. Any work on a tractor can be dangerous, cause injury or DEATH. You assume your own risk and any and all risks to others if this information and / or pictures is used. 

I am going to probably upload the picture individually with the relevant info. for each one. Please be patient.

The photos are Copyrighted. I decided to do this after a previous bad experience with a website stealing my photos from another project. I have no financial interest here.