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cable that I purchased via amazon.com for baofeng uv5r

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I want for my birthday I want a car..a real one

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Test Blog

Friday!   ---------------

Brother Fax

: Latest firmware version: ver.F

How to verify your firmware version:
1. Press the "*" and "#" buttons simultaneously.
2. The firmware version is displayed on the first row.
3. The letter in the second position from the left represents the firmware

Firmware updated: 02/23/2012
The following improvements are included in this update:

Improved general print quality level.
Improves the ink cartridge detection performance.

Firmware updated: 09/01/2011
The following improvements are included in this update:

Change the printhead cleaning method to improve the print quality.

Firmware updated: 06/09/2011
The following improvements are included in this update:

Correction for issues which occur when using the PhotoCapture Center.
Correction for the issue that both incoming and outgoing calls become
disabled in the network connection environment.
Correction for the issue that occurs when removing the memory card or USB
Flash memory drive from the Brother machine while copying data from a


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Play store in airplane mode.

If you have an unactivated phone and are using wifi you may have difficulty with Play Store. To get around this issue go out of airplane mode for a few minutes or even a few seconds, generally, to allow the phone to get the correct time from the carrier. This worked on Sprint with an Evo 4G for me. Play Store apparently needs the correct time. When you go out of airplane mode your phone will sync time with the carrier... Even if you don't have an account apparently. 

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First outdoor swimming this year.

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