Monday, May 23, 2016

Bay Distribution LLC on Ebay

Finally after over 15 years on ebay, I've had a disappointing purchase.

I ordered an E8285a service monitor from Bay Distribution.

Their description of the condition of the monitor was admittedly not very specific and I was skeptical.  I emailed them asking for details and they responded that the items are heavy and they could provide no additional photos.  Shame on me for buying it anyway.  As ot turns out, the display has defects that would have shown up in a picture.  Their sample unit picture had no notable defects and all units were supposed to be in as good or better condition.  Oh well.
They said I could return it but this is item is heavy and expensive to ship.  Also they are difficult to package and I'm afraid of damage in shipping.

So I'll likely leave neutral feedback.

They accused me of feedback extortion.
I just want the item to live up to its description or close to it.  I LOVE giving positive feedback and helping an honest hard working small business.

These folks probably shouldn't be selling items they don't have time or skills to properly appraise.  They certainly shouldn't be accusing customers of extortion.

I can not recommend Bay Distribution LLC on ebay.

I will recommend each of the other 166 sellers I've purchased from since 1998.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Friday, May 20, 2016

See if D notices this post

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Monitoring function.  Listening on a ch programmed to ts1

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