Thursday, May 27, 2010

1 and 1 internet rocks!

I have a few domains on

I had to call them tonight for a tech support question...

I was VERY impressed...they answered quickly, politely, and handled my question immediately and correctly.

This was the best tech. support call I've had in YEARS.


I'm glad Sean pointed them out to me!

Dirt cheap domains and they even come with a free starter website.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by "yours truly".

Link to 1 and 1

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free forums!

I registered and put up a minimal site on it. Not sure what I'll do with in the long term. Ham radio related something or another.

6m FM

Well I finally connected up my 6m 1/4 wave groundplane. Have it on the Midland Syntech FM rig scanning 22 channels! Pretty much just noise tonight. The only repeater that I had any luck with in the past was the Burnsville machine. It doesn't appear to be working at the I had a simplex converstation with myself on the Cherokee AH-50..hi hi. At least both radios worked. Might have Doug go out for a drive with the AH-50 and see what we can do on simplex. The ground plane is only up about 10 feet, so it's a flame thrower by any stretch. I'd like to get it to the 20 foot level at least.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

6-Meter Calling Frequencies for Military Radios

The Military Collector's Group mailing list has selected the following calling frequencies for our green VHF radios:

51.0 MC General local FM use. Selected because all green 6M FM rigs can tune to this frequency, and crystal-controlled rigs are commonly tuned to this frequency when they leave the depot. Note that this freqency is at the edge of the radio control band, and is also near FM DX frequencies, so please limit use of this channel to low-powered rigs with lousy antennas.

51.6 MC FM DX work. Selected because all green 6M FM rigs can tune to this frequency, and it is compatible with known band plans. Also, rigs such as the PRC-68 can tune to both this frequency and 51.0 MC without reprogramming. This frequency is a common FM simplex frequency, so it should be used instead of 51.0 MC when possible, in order to avoid interfering with DX and RC users.

50.6 MC Alternate frequency, for AM, etc. Note that this frequency is at the edge of the "all-mode" band, and is near the digital/packet calling channel, so please use it with caution.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Screen replacement success - with 5/8 update

I got the new screen installed in the AOD150. Works great....I think I broke a little more structural plastic, but there's plenty spare. :)

The new screen is matte rather than glossy....and my experience would tell me that's a good thing.

More later, but I'm happy to have my netbook back on the air (literally).


5/8 Update:
The matte screen is wonderful. Very bright, just as bright as the glossy and excellent outside or in brightly lit indoors. I've been reading that the glossy screens are only for glitz factor in selling netbooks. They are OK...I'd have been happy with another one, but I think matte will be the future for netbooks as it is for "full-size" laptops. One benefit of the small netbook screen is the lower replacement price! A good thing for those of us that take our 'puters out a lot or have little kids around. Or big dads that should know better. Pick up the netbook by the base...not the screen. - is where I got it. Fast shipping...excellent packing...perfect factory sealed screen.

Very happy with the screen. No dead pixels. Same Samsung brand screen as was OEM.

Project closed.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Just call me Viking352. Good handle.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

AOD150 Acer screen replacement

I popped open my Acer AOD150 to see how difficult LCD screen replacement will be.'s certainly not a piece of cake. On a 1 to 10 scale of difficulty, I rate it about 7 or 8. I don't recommend it unless you have worked on fragile plastic devices a fair amount. It's not easy disassembling without breaking the tabs and slots, etc. I'm pretty sure I didn't do it correctly as I broke a tab or two. There are plenty and it's built fairly well, but these are tiny fragile plastic pieces that don't appear to be made for disassembly and re-assembly. And then the industrial strength double-faced tape on the front of the screen is kind of a pain.

My new screen should be here this week.

Anyone with hints on this procedure, let me know.

I had it completely apart and put the broken screen back in, and it works no that's worth something.

About $65 for the screen from "Screenusa" on Ebay.