Thursday, May 06, 2010

Screen replacement success - with 5/8 update

I got the new screen installed in the AOD150. Works great....I think I broke a little more structural plastic, but there's plenty spare. :)

The new screen is matte rather than glossy....and my experience would tell me that's a good thing.

More later, but I'm happy to have my netbook back on the air (literally).


5/8 Update:
The matte screen is wonderful. Very bright, just as bright as the glossy and excellent outside or in brightly lit indoors. I've been reading that the glossy screens are only for glitz factor in selling netbooks. They are OK...I'd have been happy with another one, but I think matte will be the future for netbooks as it is for "full-size" laptops. One benefit of the small netbook screen is the lower replacement price! A good thing for those of us that take our 'puters out a lot or have little kids around. Or big dads that should know better. Pick up the netbook by the base...not the screen. - is where I got it. Fast shipping...excellent packing...perfect factory sealed screen.

Very happy with the screen. No dead pixels. Same Samsung brand screen as was OEM.

Project closed.

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