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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Tubes for Drake

Garey Barrell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> made an utterance to the drakelist gang  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  Eddy -
Nope, no cigar.......    
NO modifications are needed to either the T-4(any) or the TR-4(any) to use the 6GJ5s.
Pin 3 in the Drake 4 Line transmitters is the cathode of the final tubes. Pin 8 in the transmitters is grounded at the socket.
With 6JB6s, K is connected internally to Pin 3, and G3 is connectedinternally to Pin 8.
With 6GJ5s, K AND G3 are connected internally to Pin 3, AND there is _NO_ connection to Pin 8.
So everything works the same, except G3 is connected directly to K rather than via a 15 ohm and 3.3 ohm resistor.
The only difference is the interelectrode capacitance, which is small enough (0.5 pF) that the neutralization circuit is able to take care of it.
NOTE: RCA Tube Manual for Class A Operation states "G3 connected tocathode at socket".
73, Garey - K4OAH  Glen Allen, VA    Drake 2-B, 4-B & C-Line Service Supplement CDs  <>        EP Swynar wrote:  
"EP Swynar" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> made an utterance to the drakelist gang  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  On Sunday 20th January, Garey wrote...    "...True, the G3 is brought out to Pin 8 in the 6JB6,   and that socket pin IS grounded in the T-4... However, in the 6GJ5 G3 is  brought internally to the cathode Pin  _3_. There is NO connection to Pin 8  in the 6GJ5.  Simple!..."    ***************************************    Hi Garey,    I think I'm beginning to understand all this, at last...!    What's been missing all along here, is the mandatory execution --- right  from the get-go --- of TWO crucial operations, i.e.:    (1) The wire from pin #8 to chassis ground at the final amplifier sockets in  the T4X must first be snipped, and,    (2) A new wire has to be added, jumpering pin #3 to pin #8 at both sockets.    What will be accomplished thusly is the following:    (1) The pin #3 cathode "break-out" of the 6GJ5 will now effectively be at  the pin #8-cum-pin #3 of the T4X socket, and,    (2) For better or worse, the suppressor grids of the 6GJ5 tubes will be at  the exact same potential as the cathodes (NOTE: is that an especially  good --- or bad --- thing?).    Failure to first execute the "...nip & tuck" at the sockets will leave the  current meter reading "zero" all the time, and the finals will be "on"  constantly...correct?    I wonder if it wouldn't be simpler to just re-wire the filaments for 12.6  VAC, & a pair of 12JB6's, Hi Hi!    ~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ      
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Friday, October 12, 2018

Sun is out at dunkin donuts 

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Searching for photos by device name in google photos


Search with a space between # and device name...thusly

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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

A little Independence Day Rain

Fusion repeaters worked today

147 . 33 147 . 06 I don't know where either one of them are

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Monday, July 02, 2018

He made this thing out of a dowel rod and glow sticks and electric tape. I like it

Bagels for July 4

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Wilson Tama Denki pic

Same folks made the T1402 and Tempo FMH as far as I can tell.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Switch Abbreviations To Type And Manufacturer

Started by natasNovember 16, 2005

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I found this big list of switch abbreviations (commonly used in lerg and other co info sources) that match up the switch type and manufacturer. It's pretty leet and I've never seen a list as complete as this before. Theres all kinds of cool switch types in here! Enjoy!

5E;WECO 5ESS (Digital);Lucent Technologies
5ESS;WECO 5ESS (Digital);Lucent Technologies
2ST;AT&T Tech SS7;#2 STP
AXT;Ericsson AXE-10 - Local;Ericsson
DE5;Siemens DE5 EWSD RCU Sw Sys;Siemens
4E;WECO 4ESS;Lucent Technologies
4ESS;WECO 4ESS;Lucent Technologies
EST;Tekelec Eagle STP/1 System;Unknown
DM2;Northern Telecom DMS200 (Digital) Host;Northern Telecom
DS;Digital Switching System;Unknown
DMS;Northern Telecom DMS10S;Northern Telecom
STP;Ericsson Signaling Transfer Point Switch;Ericsson
DE4;Siemens DE4 EWSD RCU Switching System;Siemens
1AE;WECO 1AESS;Lucent Technologies
1AESS;WECO 1AESS;Lucent Technologies
NT5;NORTEL DMS 500;Northern Telecom
CMC;Cellular Mobile Carrier Switching System;Unknown
DMH;Northern Telecom DMS100 (Digital) Host;Northern Telecom
DMS100;Northern Telecom DMS100 (Digital);Northern Telecom
DST;Northern Telecom DMS-STP;Northern Telecom
D12;Northern Telecom DMS100/200 Digital Host;Northern Telecom
5PH;ATT/Philps Tel 5ESS-PBX Host;Lucent Technologies
4ES;WECO 1ESS 4-Wire;Lucent Technologies
4AT;4A Announcement - Time;Audichron
9AW;9A Announcement - Weather;Audichron
DEX;Digital Switch DEX-STP CCS7 Pk;Digital Switching Corp.
DM5;Northern Telecom DMS 250;Northern Telecom
5EH;WECO 5ESS Host (Digital);Lucent Technologies
5ER;WECO 5ESS Remote (5A RSM);Lucent Technologies
5RSM;WECO 5ESS Remote (5A RSM);Lucent Technologies
RSC;Northern Telecom Remote Switching Center;Northern Telecom
VCD;AT&T 5ESS-2000 VCDX;Lucent Technologies
5RS;Siemens EWSD RSU-DE5;Siemens
ST2;CCIS No 2 STP;Unknown
ANN;Announcement System;Unknown
EWS;Siemens EWSD Switching System;Siemens
EWSD;Siemens EWSD Switching System;Siemens
1E;WECO 1ESS 2-Wire;Lucent Technologies
ACD;Automatic Call Distributor;Unknown
ORM;AT&T Tech Optic Remote Switch;Lucent Technologies
D60;Stromberg Carlson Cent DCO 6000 Digital;Stromberg Carlson
DCO;Stromberg Carlson DCO Digital;Stromberg Carlson
GT5;Auto/Elec ESU 3072 Line Capacity;Automatic Electric
DMT;Northern Telecom DMS10 (Digital);Northern Telecom
DMS10;Northern Telecom DMS10 (Digital);Northern Telecom
5BR;WECO 5ESS Remote (5B RSM);Lucent Technologies
DLU;Siemens EWSD Remote Digital Line Unit;Siemens
DCN;Stromberg Carlson DCO Remote Network Switch;Stromberg Carlson
DSF;Northern Telecom DMS10 Satellite Switching Office;Northern Telecom
SXY;Stromberg-Carlson XY;Stromberg Carlson
DPH;Northern Telecom Packet Switch DPN-100;Northern Telecom
DCL;Stromberg Carlson DCO RLS;Stromberg Carlson
DT5;Vidar ITS5 (Digital);Vidar
61S;Nippon RSU\NEC MEAX-61E Remote;Nippon Elecectric
DIM;Vidar IMA2 (Digital);Vidar
SCT;North Electric CX1000;Northern Electric
SC1;North Electric CS100;Northern Electric
RLC;Northern Telecom Remote Link Connect;Northern Telecom
D3X;Automatic/Electric GRD3-EAX Dig;Automatic Electric
AXR;Ericsson AXE-RSS (Remote);Ericsson
M38;Redcom Lab MDX384;Redcomm Lab
1AR;WECO 1AESS Remote (10A RSS);Lucent Technologies
DSS;Northern Electric DSS Digital;Northern Electric
RSL;AT&T Remote Integrated Svcs;Lucent Technologies
DC3;Stromberg Carlson RLS-360;Stromberg Carlson
DSE;Stromberg Carlson DCOSE Small Exchange;Stromberg Carlson
DCR;Stromberg Carlson Remote Digital;Stromberg Carlson
1RE;Northern Telecom DMS10 RSLE;Northern Telecom
45R;Vidar 4/5 Remote Switch;Vidar
DMO;Northern Telecom DMS10 Host Switching Office;Northern Telecom
1RC;Northern Telecom DMS10 RLCM;Northern Telecom
ISS;Rockwell Intl; ISS3000
1RL;Northern Telecom DMS10 RSLM;Northern Telecom
GTR;Auto/Elec GTD5-EAX Digital Remote;Automatic Electric
M1K;Redcom Lab MDX10K;Redcomm Lab
2BR;WECO 2BESS Remote (10A RSS);Lucent Technologies
DX6;DSC Cinn. Corp. DEX-600E;DSC Comm. Corp.
DLM;Northern Telecom DMS10 Remote Eqp Mod;Northern Telecom
D45;Vidar ITS4/5 (Digital);Vidar
DME;Tymnet Dual Mini Engine;Tymnet
DRL;Northern Telecom DMS100 Remote Line Module;Northern Telecom
RDE;Remote Digital Switching Equipment;Unknown
RSS;Northern Telecom Remote Switch SONET;Northern Telecom
S55;WECO 355A Step-By-Step;Lucent Technologies
EDX;Siemens EDX-P;Siemens
ST1;CCIS No 1 STP;Unknown
XBT;WECO Crossbar Tandem;Lucent Technologies
SP2;Northern Telecom SP1 (2-Wire);Northern Telecom
E55;Siemens EMD55;Siemens
ESS;Electric Switching System - Analog;Unknown
DE3;Siemens DE3 EWSD RCU Switching System;Siemens
EMX;Motorola EMX4 Mobile Radio Switch;Motorola
LX4;Liech LXP-4;Liech
SXA;Automatic Electric Step-By-Step;Automatic Electric
A1S;ITT A1-SPC;International Tel & Tel
REX;Harris Rural Elec. Exchange;Harris
D21;Stromberg Carlson DCO21 Digital;Stromberg Carlson
SCC;North Electric CX200;Northern Electric
D61;Nippon NEAX-61 (Digital);Nippon Elecectric
DC4;Stromberg Carlson RLS-4000;Stromberg Carlson
DC1;Stromberg Carlson RLS-1000;Stromberg Carlson
GX5;Mitel GX5000;Mitel
SC3;North Electric CX30;Northern Electric
210;ITT 1210;International Tel & Tel
DS1;Northern Electric DSS1 (Digital);Northern Electric
SX1;ITT-Kellogg Step-By-Step;International Tel & Tel
D6E;Nippon NEAX-61 Digtal Switch Loc;Nippon Elecectric
EC1;Stromberg-Carlson ESC (1);Stromberg Carlson
EX2;Automatic Electric EAX2;Automatic Electric
DTM;Stromberg Carlson DTM (Digital);Stromberg Carlson
D80;Stromberg Carlson DCO80 Digital;Stromberg Carlson
SXS;WECO Step-By-Step;Lucent Technologies
D2H;Stromberg Carlson DCO200 Dig;Stromberg Carlson
HLE;WECO 1ESS Hi Lo;Lucent Technologies
5PR;ATT/Philps Tel 5ESS-PBX Remote;Lucent Technologies
D10;Northern Telecom Packet Switch DPN-10;Northern Telecom
12H;Alcatel System 12 (Host);Alcatel
4RS;Siemens Digital Switch Remote RSU-DE4;Siemens
LNX;Excel LNX 2000;Unknown
5XB;WECO No. 5 Crossbar 2-Wire;Lucent Technologies
2BE;WECO 2BESS;Lucent Technologies
ETF;CIT-Alcatel E10 Five Sw System;Alcatel
7X2;ITT 7X2;International Tel & Tel
ALR;Liech All Relay;Liech
RLY;ITT Kellogg Relaymatic;International Tel & Tel
K60;ITT-Kellogg K60;International Tel & Tel
202;Ericsson ARM 202;Ericsson
A1;ITT A1;International Tel & Tel
3RS;Siemens Digital Switch Rem RSU-DE3;Siemens
EC3;Stromberg Carlson ESC (3);Stromberg Carlson
1ER;WECO 1ESS Remote (10A RSS);Lucent Technologies
2AE;WECO 2AESS;Lucent Technologies
NX2;Northern Electric NX2;Northern Electric
DC0;Stromberg Carlson DCO Digital;Stromberg Carlson
PSS;TSPS-Traffic Svc Position Sys;Unknown
SCR;ITT-Kellogg CRX;International Tel & Tel
DS2;Northern Electric DSS2 (Dig);Northern Electric
EMS;ITEC EMS -1;Unknown
SLC;Subscriber Line Carrier Equipment;
RTA;Remote Trunking Arrangement;Unknown
CDO;Community Dial Office;Unknown
RSM;Ericsson Remote Swutching Mo;Ericsson
DSO;Digital Switching Office;
T1B;TSPS No 1;Unknown
FTX;Fujitsu FETEX 150;Fujitsu
DSR;Northern Telecom DMS10 Signalling Rel Pt;Northern Telecom
S7A;Automatic Electric 375A;Automatic Electric
UN2;North Electric UN2;Northern Electric
2E;WECO 2ESS;Lucent Technologies
25P;WECO No.5 Crossbar 2-Wire;Lucent Technologies
CX5;Automatic Electric CXP5;Automatic Electric
ETS;Electronic Translator System;Unknown
N1D;Northern Electric NX1D;Northern Electric
3E;WECO 3ESS;Lucent Technologies
45X;WECO No. 5 Crossbar 4-Wire;Lucent Technologies
N2A;Northern Electric NX2A;Northern Electric
12R;Alcatel System 12 (RSU);Alcatel
SCK;ITT-Kellogg CSX;International Tel & Tel
AKE;Ericsson AKE;Ericsson
S50;WECO 350A Step-By-Step;Lucent Technologies
S42;Automatic Electric 32A42;Automatic Electric
EX1;Automatic Electric EAX1;Automatic Electric


    BlackRatchet     0

    • BlackRatchet
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    4AT;4A Announcement - Time;Unknown

    9AW;9A Announcement - Weather;Unknown

    Audichron made these.


      natas     1

      • natas
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      Ah cool info. I will update it :)


        invision620     5

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        hate to be a necro, but ill be merging this list into phreaksearch within a couple of days


          Strom Carlson     2

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          GT5;Auto/Elec ESU 3072 Line Capacity;Automatic Electric

          WRONG! GT5 is Automatic Electric GTD-5 EAX.


            unity     1

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            While we're being necros:


            should read

            SA1;Northern Telecom crossbar CDO; Northern Telecom


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