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You Win Again - Hank Williams (Cover)


Internal pictures of the HP E8285A service monitor.

These pictures of my "parts unit"   It's a cellular-only Agilent model.

My "real" unit is HP branded, a little older and covers HF-Cellular bands.

The parts unit was fairly dirty.   I took it apart just to see how they are made and ended up having to clean it a bit. I pulled almost every module and put it back together and it even worked still.  :)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Palmquist grilled turkey

Turkey on the grill

We used a 12 pounder...

Put it in an old cake pan, sprayed it with Pam, and dumped about a cup
of water in the pan.
Next time I would suggest putting alum. foil in the pan and spraying the
foil (and the pan I suppose)...just to make clean up easier.
I put the turkey on it's the breast skin didn't stick.
But it really didn't stick anyway.  The Pam worked good and I'm sure the
water helped.

Basted it with vegetable oil to which some garlic salt (1/2 tsp?) was
I also put a quartered small onion inside the turkey.
I basted it probably 4 times with the oil/garlic salt during the 3

I turned the pan 180 degrees about half way thru just to make sure it
cooked evenly. 

Put grill on a setting the low side of medium...temp guage read
Medium.  It was done (the indicator popped out) in just under 3 hours.

I also threw some potatoes right in the cake pan in the drippings about
2 hours into the grilling.  Potatoes were very good.  The drippings kept
them moist and didn't make them taste any different than I would have

I'll be doing it's a great meal with no heat added to the
house.  It's also low mess factor...cleaned up pretty easy, but I'd
still use aluminum foil I think...

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Nylon M5

by Blue Blur » Wed Apr 29, 2009 22:32 22
The windshield plastic screws are 5 mm X 0.8 X 18 mm long, 0.8 being the thread pitch. Nylon screws that size 20 mm long are advertised at and in quantities of 25 to 100 for less than a nickle apiece plus postage.
5 mm = 0.197 inch, .007 larger than a #10 machine screw (0.190") and 0,8 mm pitch = 31.75 threads per inch. If you accidently found a screw in your tool box that fit is was probably a #10-32 which will screw into the windshield nut but would have less engagement.
The heads on the above advertised screws are probably a smaller diameter than the originals but the 20 mm length would leave room for a nylon washer.
The rubber inserts with the nuts for the windshield screws pull out of the tupperware pretty easy and probably would in a crash. Perhaps the plastic screws were just an attempt to keep from breaking out the drilled holes in the windshield so it could be reused if otherwise undamaged.
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