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Nylon M5

by Blue Blur » Wed Apr 29, 2009 22:32 22
The windshield plastic screws are 5 mm X 0.8 X 18 mm long, 0.8 being the thread pitch. Nylon screws that size 20 mm long are advertised at and in quantities of 25 to 100 for less than a nickle apiece plus postage.
5 mm = 0.197 inch, .007 larger than a #10 machine screw (0.190") and 0,8 mm pitch = 31.75 threads per inch. If you accidently found a screw in your tool box that fit is was probably a #10-32 which will screw into the windshield nut but would have less engagement.
The heads on the above advertised screws are probably a smaller diameter than the originals but the 20 mm length would leave room for a nylon washer.
The rubber inserts with the nuts for the windshield screws pull out of the tupperware pretty easy and probably would in a crash. Perhaps the plastic screws were just an attempt to keep from breaking out the drilled holes in the windshield so it could be reused if otherwise undamaged.
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