Sunday, March 12, 2006


Whassup this weekend? Or should I say...what WAS up this weekend.

Friday night we went over to IKEA to look at baby furniture and other household goodies. Gotta love those Swedes and their minimally packaged goods. Such good deals there! The stuff varies in quality, but is generally a good bargain.
Had some Svedish Meatballs and Walleye for dinner there and delcious Daim cake for dessert...and of course, coffee (it's a Swedish place and I'm a lot of Swede)...or is it that I'm a lot Swedish? Skipping coffee is not an option.

Anyway...we pretty much bought nothing....except food. Got lots of ideas. I guess Jerrie and I were in browsing mode more than buying...and I was glad of that when I saw how long the checkout lines were.

Was glad the cafeteria line was short!

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