Sunday, March 12, 2006 expensive day

Saturday we got up and went way the heck down to the IHOP in Apple Valley. I figured the one at MOA would be too busy. The one down there wasn't bad at all. Jerrie was wantin' banana/walnut pancakes..and I always want pancakes. I also had an omelette. Then I did aimless crusing for a while and ended up at Best Buy and Office Max....dangerously looking at a new laptop. The last battery in my old 400MHz Dell bit it. Close to $100 for a new one...and you don't want to buy a used one..the circuitry inside the battery decides when it's dead..not the cells.
So one day it works and PING..the next day it's dead. Li-Ion batteries are pretty funky I you don't want to charge them as they get old apparently...whatever!

So after that...I'm wantin' a new laptop. I've been watching the ads and looking on the net...

No laptop at this point....but I was still too full from pancakes.

The pet store.

Pumpkin was along and she loves going in there...good place for a little controlled socialization for her with pets and people (esp in the winter).

Headed home after that as I recall?

The picture is from my Treo 650. Not much of a camera I'm's one step better than nothing. I do like having it though...
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