Monday, July 10, 2006

Sunday and Saturday recap

ending miles 92261 : trip odo 135

Took the burb to church today...and it that is GOOD.

Ran into Bill at church today, which was pretty cool...went to the courtyard service and the day was perfect for it.

Went back home, got on the bike and headed to Lindstrom for the pancake feed at lodge there.
Made it there by 11:30, which was good, since it was done at noon!
It was Karl Oskar days in Lindstrom...didn't know THAT. Makes for a mighty busy town!
Breakfast was excellent and they were doing a brisk business to be sure.

Headed down hwy 8 somewhat aimlessly and ended up in Taylors Falls, where I stopped to call Jerrie and tell her that I failed to bring my phone.
Had a nature call and picked up a huge diet Pepsi and headed back west on 8 to 95.
Went south on 95 to the Square lake park exit (sq. lake trail) and went to the park, found out you needed a sticker (been there before when they weren't carding) and u-turned out and kept heading west on sq. lake trl till I hit Manning.
Took manning south to Hwy 36 and stopped at Fleet Farm to get off the bike and do a little shopping. Picked up some 2" chicken wire for antenna project ground planes.
Got back on and went down 36 to 35W stopped off at General Nanosystems to pick up a wireless card for Jerrie's laptop and then took 94 back to 35w and went home.
About 130 miles today. Good ride...was tired when I got home and fell asleep. By the time I woke up Jerrie was home and we headed over Szechuan Star to eat too many calories for my diet. We came back home and Jerrie wasn't feeling all that great, so we just took it easy.

What did I do yesterday, besides finish the suburban? I don't remember...let's see....
Oh yeah, we went to Kimmy's wedding reception. She's my baby sister. Got married in January in Florida. Waited till now for a little party! Good food, but kinda hot I must say.

So yeah...kind of a busy weekend, but not bad at all!

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