Saturday, July 08, 2006

SUBURBAN has been resurrected (raised?)

I replaced the starter in the burb last weekend, but it still didn't start...just a clunk. It was so hot and I was such a mess that I just let it sit for the week.
BTW, the old one tested bad at Checker...I think it's been crapping out for a while...near death.

Today I started by checking the engine block ground....found it to be torqued to maybe 10 foot pounds. Not good...I expected it to put up a little fight, but it came right out. Took out the bolt and found the cable, the block and the bolt all to be quite dirty...a poor connection for sure. Cleaned that up, popped the starter back in and it started right up. The new starter sounds much better than the old one did. Of course part of that could be the better ground connection.
Anyway, I now have a lifetime warranty - 2 year roadside tow- starter in there. A good thing in MN winter.

Starter is a piece of cake in the Suburban...2 bolts and 3 cables. All easy access.
A parking lot replacement would be quite feasible. Helps to jack up the front end a little..for those of us a little rotund. :P

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