Monday, July 17, 2006

Past week

I haven't blogged all week the way it looks....

Hope I can remember something.
Nothing worth mentioning at went fairly well and that's good. No major malfunctions.

Nothing too exciting as I recall. Got my ECI13 completion card though!
My new HT1000 UHF decided to start doing 16 channels as it should. Went from 4 to 8 to 16 gradually...very scary.
CIPTUG chapter meeting...went pretty well. Next one in a month!
CAP night. Col. Uhlig did the program on aviation charts.
Stopped by the ERC on the way home. Pretty warm out there and a few mosquitoes!

Weds: Jerrie was off to So. Dak to visit the people. I think I worked on the up the interior. and wASHING it.
Thursday...must have been boring...I can't remember. But Jerrie came home.
Friday night and Saturday we had a baby delivery prep class in Shakopee.
Saturday night...went out for late night pancakes. It's pretty much been hot all week. Saturday was the worst at about 99.
Sunday: Church. Went to Hudson Wisc. to the St. Croix model railroad for a picnic and train rides with guys from the lodge...should post a pic or 2.
Came home tonight and found I had to reboot the Unity nodes....multiple weird issues...glad I took a look!

No big or cool projects this week and not much bike riding. Just trying to stay cool!

Have a busy week ahead and need to get some time on setting up accommodations for visitors for Jerrie's shower at the end of the month.

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