Thursday, March 06, 2008

New puppy

Doug, Austin and I made the trip to Rusk county Wisconsin to look at a puppy dog we saw on

I couldn't leave there without him after seeing him and playing with him a little.

The pictures make him look a little smaller than he really is. He's just over 9 lbs and they think he's about 4months old by his teeth, etc.
They think he's a shih tzu/yorkie mix...and that's not hard to believe, except that he has a longer snout...more like a mini schnauzer...
He's pretty well behaved, but needs to get more up to speed on being housebroken!
He's good in the crate at night. Seems to be very used to sleeping in there.
His name was Jasper, but we are calling him Jack...and I call him Jackson sometimes too.
Jack seemed to really enjoy the trip home and spent a lot of the time sleeping on Doug's lap.

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