Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alcatel NSRX3C2ALC Bluetooth Stereo Adapter and Headset and Blackberry 8830

Pick up one of these at Sears today on clearance for $5! Works great on the Blackberry 8830 in stereo!

Went back and bought the only other one they had.

Range is good. Over 10 feet in my house that's full of 2.4 GHz wifi and cordless phones.
All I ask from bluetooth is 5 feet max, so it meets that!

Quality is very good and stereo seperation seems fine. So yeah, it works!

You can use any 3.5 MM headset...which is good...the one that comes with the package is weak. OK for phone calls, but is crap for music compared to even my $9 Phillips earbuds from Target.
Nice that they send a headset though. Especially since it has a built in volume control. The tiniest volume control I've ever seen.

Paired up with my 8830 with no problems at all.

The transmitted audio from the microphone is OK. Can't say it's spectacular, but it's very acceptable from what I've seen so far.

It's the best $5 I've spent on technology since I don't know what!

It's worth the $25 I see it selling for in other places if they are even still made.

I hate normal hang-over-the ear bluetooth headsets, so this is nice for lots of options!

I like headphones with a headband, NOT stuff in my ear or hanging on my ear. So I can clip this thing on any headphones and I'm set for delicious stereo music from Pandora, Iheartradio or MP3s.

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