Saturday, November 14, 2009


Below is a picture of the board.

Listening to 88.1 this morning. "Power 88" is what I call it.

My little MPX96 transmitter pumping out music from the computer in the radio room.
You can buy the kit at
The audio quality is better than any little box you can buy at a department or electronics store.
But you'll have to build it! And it's not for first-time builders.
There are some mods for it out on the 'net to make it sound better, but I think it sounds great as it is if you feed it with good audio of the right impedance and level.
Only wish I had an audio processor to put in front of it. Like an Optimod! I think I'd have to modify the MPX96 to take in baseband audio/stereo mix to use an Optimod though.
I had a blast building the MPX96 a few years back.


Anonymous said...

dont use an optimod, if you have it hooked to a computer there are two very good programs that u can get. one is called sound solution it is a plugin for winamp and the other is called Stereo Tool it comes as a plugin or stand alone program. both are free and are full featured compressor limiters. good luck :)

Brady said... Optimod is kinda spendy for foolishness. I'll have to try your suggestions. Tnx for posting!

Anonymous said...

No problem , i think youll like those programs. also i just made some modifications to my mpx96 tonight that made a big differance on the bass response. here is the website with the info it made a big differance, there is a serious bass roll off after 80hz and almost no response at 20 hz now after the mod the 20hz measures what 50 did before.

Brady said...

Thanks again! I'll have to monkey around with it. I love that MPX96. It sure is a solid base to work with. Anyone reading this be aware that a half-way well built "stock" MPX96 will beat the pants off of anything you can buy for under $100. These mods out there bring it close to REAL FM broadcast transmitter quality..maybe even beating some of the specs.
Mr. Commenter...thanks again. Where are you located? Free free to drop me an email if you like.

Brady said...

GEez! Maybe it's Ms. Commenter. Sorry for being sexist. Oh and I need to put together some hardware dedicated to audio processing with 2 decent sound cards.