Monday, November 23, 2009

Swedish Chili

This is called Swedish Chili because it's pretty tame in taste.
Too tame for many perhaps, but you can some crap to make it hot if that's what you want.
If you make it hot enough you can get by with rancid hamburger probably. In a lot of chili all you taste are the peppers...hmmmmmm...anyway...

Recipe by (in order of contribution to the idea):
Geo. A. Hormel
Gerald Palmquist
Brady Palmquist

1-1.5 lb. hamburger
12 oz can of tomato juice or V8
can of mushrooms...big (13 oz) or small can..up to you.
Hormel Chili (25 oz) - (I use the one with beef and beans)
Chopped Celery
Mrs. Dash
Chili Powder
Dried minced onions or fresh chopped onions
Chopped Celery


Brown the hamburger. While browning, toss in the mushrooms so they cook up a little.
While browning, I put in Season-all, Mrs. Dash and some chili powder...not a lot of any of those.
Toss in your onions and celery too.

Simmer that for a while till the hamburger is cooked and it's all cooked thoroughly.

Since we are using canned chili, this is your main cooking time. The canned chili is already cooked and only needs to be warmed up. Slowly simmer the beef, onions, mushrooms and spices so they all soak up flavor. This is quick-serve chili for the most part. No letting it cook overnight or anything like that.

Drain off excess water and fat from the beef (or not if you don't care about the calories). :)

Add in the Hormel chili and some tomato juice and warm it up to serving temp...stirring occasionally.

Add other seasoning to taste. Tonight when I made it, I had to give it extra shots of all the spices just about! It was too tame for me even. Not sure why! Maybe the chili powder is getting too old.

Serve with crackers/oyster crackers and with bread slathered with butter.

VERY delicious.

Even Austin likes it...especially the mushrooms. The kid could live on 'em.


Try it with Turkey Chili and ground turkey! ---could be a holiday tradition!
Add more beans!

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