Monday, April 05, 2010

Blackberry 8800/8830 Closed Circuit Advisory


Try this site before you order a new trackball or remove the one you have now.

Also, be very careful with the retaining ring if you do remove the trackball. They are easily broken when removing or installing. ALSO, I highly recommend have a spare ring before you remove the old one. They are cheap on ebay. Pick up a trackball too...can't hurt to have a spare I guess.

The strawcleaning trick that worked the best for me was the one with the split straw end the "wings" method. My trackball is really like new again.

Thank you mr/ms poster at

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Brady said...

It seems to me that the factory trackball is better than the $5 versions I've purchased on Ebay. Having the rings and a spare trackball on hand is still a good idea. The device is hard to use if the trackball isn't working properly.

I just doused my factory trackball with lighter fluid to clean it. Also used the straw cleaning method on it while it was still wet. Works great now and is nice and white again.