Saturday, February 25, 2006

Motorcycles and Ham radio

Motorcycle and Ham Radio commentary for the day...

This is what happens when it's too cold to go outside!

1. XYL and I both have Hondas. A 96 Goldwing and an 82 silverwing. We ride either or both ...the Silverwing (solo) around town..the Goldwing (solo or co-rider) on longer trips.

The Silverwing is a glorified scooter after riding the big bike.
But it's fun around town and has full bags and an AM/FM radio, so you can run errands with it.

We ride bike to get out and get sun and wind and get OUT of town. We're not into it as a lifestyle at all. Not even too much into the touring side of things. Just like to ride! Guess we're both just plain old throwbacks to mini-bikes, mopeds, scooters, and dirt bikes as kids.

2. Only 3 meters (bcast FM) and dare I say 11 meters on the bike so far, but they are built in. In the past we sometimes ran 440 between bikes since the XYL has her "NO CODE" tech.

Sorry...let's not get into that....go to for that. (I AM just kidding) I don't care if you know the code, the capitols of all states, or the periodic table of elements as long you show a modicum of intelligence and courtesy on the air. Myself and a lot of my ham friends are old CBers from the 70's and long time active hams.
I don't care if you are an "appliance operator" as long as you are a good operator and know how to (or are learning how to) maximize the potential of your radio.
I admire any ham who even builds simple antennas or other small projects. I do think you need to do some things like to properly enjoy all the benefits of amateur radio. Try something new!

And how about Echolink...OK, I'll stop. (It can have a place as a part of amateur radio).

Anyway....This winter I bought a Yaesu FT7800 to use on the bike. Need to get that installed on the 1500 this spring when I get the bike out of storage.
I plan to use it more for rx (scanning) than 2-way. Also want to get XM Radio set up on the bike.

Side comment on the 7800...What a great little dual-bander! Best value in any dual-bander I've ever had. It's a steal at around $250. I've been using it in my car to get familiar with it. ( who can leave a new radio just SIT there). The radio itself is so small, I didn't even bother to remote it in my car. I'm liking the 7800 so much in the car that I'm going to hate taking it out. Burghardt's might get more of my money yet...
I think it'll be a good radio for the bike..

Maybe I can ride in another month! At least a little?

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