Saturday, February 11, 2006

Reality shows

What's up with all the reality shows? People don't have a "real" enough life as it is?

If they need adventure, I can give them some of mine.

I really don't understand the fascination...someday (sooner than later) we'll look back at TV in the 2000 decade and say "what the????...."

Not to mention they are totally over-dramatized and "rehearsed" (in their own way).

Of course, it's probably all part of my feeling toward the broadcast media...with the big corporations taking over, we have to take what they give.
Or leave it...which I choose to do as much as I can.

I'm SO glad to be out of that business. Even the 70s and 80s of radio seem like the "golden age" compared to now.
The thought of building a local station from the ground up is only for the huge conglomerates now.
Gone are the days when a young man or woman could start a station on a shoestring and build it up.

I gotta our vehicles... my wife has Sirius and I have XM satellite radio. Once you listen to that, you will likely forget what the little "AM" and "FM" buttons are for. Guess I'll enjoy that until it is also "conglomerized."
Already XM is partnering with AOL (another huge service I don't think too highly of).

Am I getting old and crabby at 44?


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