Monday, February 27, 2006


This weekend I left the house very little. Continuing to work on the shuffling around of furniture in the house. Moved my old "work" desk up to Jerrie's loft. Moved my "work" computer and other stuff temporarily to the "home" computer desk. So I have 2 computers side-by-side now. Which is actually kind of handy. For the past year, I had a seperate "work" desk for work-at-home. I want to get back to that again I think, but with the big shuffle going on, it might be a while.

On the ham radio front...not too much going on. Need to move the shack desk back to the new shop area. That is going to be another big project. Remove all the radios and wiring and the disassemble the desk completely. I have to re-configure the desk for a "right-hand" island instead of "left".
It will be nice having the "shack" in the shop. It will be closer to all antennas and allow me to have quite a bit less feed line. will be easier to string antennas to the shack.

I think I'll still leave a minimal radio presence in the family least a 2 meter and/or 440 Mhz radio and maybe one HF radio (or the R4C?) for RX only.

Would like to get copying some CW and get my speed up and get back on the air with CW. So an Rx station might help with that.

Here's hoping CallManager behaves at work tomorrow!

I need to get to bed.

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