Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter weekend update

Thursday early close day for our office. And a day for me to spend some time at the dentist...OW! Yes, I did hurt this time. A first in many years. Something very sensitive about a tooth that I recently had a filling on....which is why I went in. She touched the tooth with instruments that normally don't hurt, BUT this time they did...
3 times! Felt like tin foil was touching the filling and I nearly flew out of the chair! Ended up using plastic instruments for the rest of the time and fine tuning the filling.
It's been a lot better now. Been taking some antibiotics that the dentist gave me...either a sinus infection or dental infection may have been the main culprit.

As you may have read in an earlier post, Friday was the first SERIOUS bike day of the year! And a beautiful one it was! 130 Miles and about 5 hours.
Got home Friday night and did some yard work while it was very temperate and a nice breeze was coming through. Got the spring raking done.

Saturday was a busy day...more yard work and serious garage cleaning. Also got the back lock solenoid working on the Suburban and discovered that the old Burb does INDEED have some radiator leak when it gets warm. VERY disappointing. Probably have to pull the radiator and get it checked/repaired/replaced... FUN!

Jerrie put down spray-on lawn fertilizer Saturday with the hopes that it would rain on Sunday, but no such luck...only a little rain.

Assembled some yard seat/storage boxes. One had a wrong part in it! But Suncast (the mfr) answered the phone on Saturday afternoon, knew what I wanted and got it on order for me with no problems! Today (Monday) I got an email follow-up from them stating that the order was in the works! I'm VERY impressed with them. I also found out i can get spare parts for Jerrie's hose reel. The Hose connection is cracked and I can get a replacement for around $10. Better than more plastic going in the landfill and $40 going out my pocket.

SUNCAST yard products RULE.
Thanks guys!

It's sad that I have to make a big deal out of a company doing their job, but when a company does do a good job, I like acknowledging it!

Sunday...Easter! The Lord has risen!

Went to Kim's (my baby sister) house for a huge ham dinner. Nice day for a ride down there, but a little brisk and a little rain.
Nice wx on the way home. Went home on MN19 through Lonsdale. Haven't been on the stretch of 19 from New Prague to I35 for a long time.

Next thing you know it's Monday and today is awfully darn nice again! Sun and 70s again. Work is normal major malfunctions or bitching, so I'm happy!

Punkin is kinda sick today. All sorts of tummy issues and bad things coming from her little body. Glad it's nice, because I've left her outside most of the day...between Jerrie and I we've cleaned up enough messes today. I've washed punkin twice so far and a third time will be necessary!

Hey! I sent some pics from to Target to be printed and it worked EXTREMELY well...and they were free! I got 8 prints made of some easter pictures and I have to say... they look nearly as good as 35mm pix from a decent camera! 20 cents per print is the normal price which would be $4.80 for 24 exposures and no film cost.
Furthermore, you print only what turns out.

These pics were printed from a 1280 x 960 file I think. It all happens "under the covers" at Flickr, so I don't know for certain.
I don't think more resolution would help or be necessary for 4x6 prints.
The old HP 720 camera did a FINE job...and nowhere near it's best resolution was used. Medium (2 of 3 "stars") was used.

Guess this may be the way to do things photographically when the baby comes!

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