Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday wrap-up.

Well, the storm tonight didn't amount to much. A light and sound show, but little precip.

Got the hardware to put the DK3 screwdriver antenna on my ground mast to start testing. Found my 102" fiberglass whip. I'll start with that, though I know it's too long really.
Certainly too long for 10 Meter usage. I can use another antenna on 10m if the long whip works better on 80 and 40. Maybe I'll do some field strength measurements for the heck of it. It would be cool to use remote control over the internet and listen to your own signal a few hundred miles away, wouldn't it? Could play all kinds of games with 2 stations...one local control (mobile) in, say, Colorado and your base rig in MN. "OK..do I sound better on A ...... or B .....A or B..." A is MN and B is in CO. Where do send the QSL card from?

I noticed the Shakespeare 10M stick in the garage...forgot about that. I think that will have to go back up sometime if 10m ever becomes worth a darn again.

I guess I should get the DK3 working at ground level and then consider moving it up on the garage. The main reason I'd like it up there is for theft/damage control and to get it away from the houses in an effort to keep RFI to a minimum and keep the neighbors happy.
Either way, I need to figure out how to control the antenna remotely..probably with a relay...either thata or I'll have to run heavy gauge wire. Neither is too fun or cheap.
If I use a remote relay, I'll need a power source near the antenna...another reason for garage mounting...the power supply could be inside the garage.
Groundplane/counterpoise in the garage could be interesting. My first thoughts are to put up some sort of hardware cloth or chicken wire on the inside of the roof. It would be protected and not visible. And maybe some radials in there as well? Well, it should a lot of fun to experiment with even if I never make a contact! I like the idea of doing some field strength testing.

And then after it actually works (with any luck), I'd like to get on some CW and digital on HF.

Be interesting to see if I can get the DK3 to behave on 6 meters. At least there I could work some local repeaters and ops for testing.

After all that if I find that 80m and 40m are working poorly, I'll consider and 80/40 dipole of some sort. I find the HyPower 80/40 dipole interesting since it would fit pretty well on our lot.

Jerrie says we need antennas for contesting....and I want to get on HF more, esp. CW, so......

Speaking of CW, I'm doing 15 wpm pretty easily now. And doing pretty well with 18.

I want to get to at least 20 and get a test or W1AW qualifying run and keep going!

Time for bed. Have to take Punkin to the vet tomorrow and Jerrie goes in for a detailed ultrasound on the baby tomorrow! It's a day we've been looking forward to!


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