Sunday, April 09, 2006

Suburban Status

The real problem was that the batteries in the remote were dead...heh heh. For the Suburban, I mean.

Also, the brAKes are not grindaged to the damage it just needs a regular brake job...
Which is is good! I took it apart and looked today.

So now if the radiator just stays not leaking I'll be happy. Then all I need is a new set of tahrs.
You know MEATS.

Man it was NICE out today. Great day to dig in to the burb.

Ran over and had coffee with Tim (ABØTS) and his cousin today at Bob's Java Hut. Talked bikes and ham radio...can't beat that!

Jerrie and I had a little dinner at Red Lobster tonight....then went down to shakopee tonight to WalMart and spend $50 on almost nothing somehow.
Stopped by Caribou for coffee and cribbage, headed home and rebooted the CallManager cluster and IPCC tonight!
Now it's 11:15pm and I'm kinda wired....even though I had DECAF at caribou!

Yesterday...well, as you can see I got the bike from St. Peter yesterday...what else did we do with the day? Again..this weekend slipped by quickly with it being so nice.

Friday...had dinner at Prima on Lyndale. Very nice italian! Glad we got there filled up! Huge portions I gotta say.
(just what I need.. :p

Oh yeah...yesterday...major malfunctions at the office...a router/switch decided to of the most critical in the core network....up, down, up, down...if it would have just stayed down it would have been much better and the backup would have taken that wasted a good chunk of afternoon and part of the evening.

Kinda slipped by...the old weekend did.....

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