Saturday, April 29, 2006


My daughter and mom were here all day today and tomorrow, so I'm chauffeur this weekend. And Jerrie's had to work this weekend, so
we have to move her birthday stuff to next weekend the way it looks.

Someday I need to get serious about riding gear...I just don't do that much long distance riding in poor weather. Call me a wimp!

I don't have a leather jacket or riding jacket anymore. Gave my son my leather jacket and never replaced it.

Never have had leathers at all. I should use them both for safety reasons if nothing else, but I get plenty warm easy and hate wearing more than
I need to. I even only wear a half helmet. I do have riding boots but rarely wear them.
Now that I have a decent bike I may have to rethink some of these things!

I've been eyeing new helmets. Would like to get a full coverage for the saftey and (frankly) for radio audio purposes! Less TX wind noise.
Like the ones that have built in headset that will plug right in to my bike. Would be nice to have intercom to Jerrie too. She's done riding for this
year, though. Too uncomfortable with the baby.

I might very well be able to make it Thursday for First Thursday bike night at Dulono's...maybe on the bike! I have ridden to work a few days last parking!

Got the new freezer down in the basement and hacked in a new outlet for that ...added GFCI on the circuit while I was at it since it is in the basement and this is the circuit with the wash machine on it.

The DK3 is still up in the backyard...not hooked to anything! Still need to get that wired up. It really is small compared to the Hustler vertical I had up. Even with the CB fiberglass whip on it. It should be nice to have the DK3 for portable ops and mobile in the Suburban (which is still down with a leaky radiator).
Could be a very versatile antenna. Curious to see how it plays on 80/75m. I've worked guys on 75 with screwdriver antennas and the sigs were quite amazing!

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