Friday, June 30, 2006

ECI 13 Tuesday I wake up knowing that I have a big test to take Tuesday evening for CAP. I working on getting promoted to Captain in CAP (Civil Air Patrol.)

It's kind of a busy day at work, but I wrap it up, put on my uniform and head over to Eden Prairie to take the test. It's a nice evening and I get to take the motorcycle.

I get over there and Capt. Collins is all ready to go with the test. It's the "ECI 13" test. A test of knowledge about a BUNCH of things for Civil Air Patrol officers.
Stuff about history, the Air Force, Aviation, Uniforms, US Flag history, Commuincations (writing and speaking), and Leadership and stuff I'm probably forgetting.
It's a LOT of material. I start taking the test. Some questions...very easy...I remembered the info easily... Others...I'm thinking "What book is this from?!"

Anyway, I got through thing in about an hour. I left there wondering if I was going to pass! I'll have to wait till the Air Force grades the test and sends out the results in a couple of weeks.

When I got back from the test I looked through the material and found that most of my "guesses" were probably right. The material WAS in the book and I apparently didn't recall it conciously, but it was back in the old brain.

So we'll see how it goes. I sure hope I pass, but I won't be the first to fail it. I have to say it's a tough test. Just a lot of material to cover.
I've gained new respect for all those Captains and above who have passed good old ECI 13!

Hope I'm done with it. Then I'll need to order up some captain's bars I guess!

I've been 1st. Lt. long enough.

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