Friday, June 30, 2006


Weds. I worked a little late to get a head start on some stuff.
Jerrie made pork chops and in spite of a carbonizing of part of them { :) } they were DARN good.
The apple raisin stuffing was most excellent and she made me brussels sprouts...I love em! AND her.

Then we started clearing out the room that's to become Austin's nursery/bedroom. VERY DISAPPOINTING to find
the the Queen guest bed we bought about a year ago won't go upstairs or downstairs!
This little old 1953 Cape Cod will only allow a double bed to go on either set of stairs. :(
We have a king bed upstairs in the master Suite, but it's a "sleep number" bed, so it can go anywhere.
The box spring of the Queen guest bed would not go up or down the stairs NO HOW>

So it sits in the living room!

I was able to get the mattress downstairs to get IT out of the way at least.

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