Friday, June 30, 2006


Thursday starts after a long Weds. night working with the TAC on a Unity problem. Jerrie calls me Thursday morning and says her truck is acting weird again...
We decide it needs to go to the dealer for a brain scan. So she drops it off in Burnsville at Park Jeep on the way home from a meeting in Prior Lake. It made it that far and that's good!

I went down to pick her up and bring her downtown to work. I had Punkin along, so I went back home to work for the afternoon and took the bike down later to bring Jerrie back home. Nice bike ride home and we stopped at Krumarczuk's (sp?) for dinner. Their Warsaw Ham is SO good.

Tonight I met with mentor from the lodge to go over some material for my exam there later this month. Had a great time doing that and it was a perfect night to study outside in his back porch. Headed home (on the bike), had a little snack with Jerrie and now I'm laying here catching up on the blog!

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