Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm an Entered Apprentice

I have so many things going on this week and I'm way behind on Blogging!

It's been a very exciting week and prior weekend.
Saturday was mostly dedicated to ham radio and Field Day.
Sunday was a day of relaxation for the most part.

Monday was kind of normal day that turned into an extraordinary evening.
It was the evening I became a Freemason and member of the Lake Harriet Lodge #277 AF & AM

Somtime I'll have to post all the history behind why I pursued the Masons. I have a lot of it written.

Monday evening I put on my best suit (and the only one that fits presently!) and headed over to the lodge at 5pm.
Met with some of the brothers for paperwork and other discussions and we sat down for a delicious ribs dinner at 6pm.
A lodge meeting was then held at 7pm while the 3 other candidates and I were prepped for the evening.
In the meeting I was voted in as an acceptable candidate for the degrees of Masonry! That alone was very good news indeed and
it just got better as the night went on. Myself and the other 3 candidates were made the newest Entered Apprentices of the lodge.
After we were initiated, there was much handshaking and congratulating going on. They were truly glad we were there and we were
made very welcome.

After a short meeting of the new brothers (us!) with our mentor, we broke and went to have refreshments.

I had a great time after meeting talking with the other brothers in the lodge. Time flew by and next thing it was after midnight!

I know after Monday that I have chosen the right lodge.

I had a bit of a headache from all the of those "good" headaches I get occasionally from big events, like new jobs, weddings and
big moments in life. :)

All this week I keep thinking about it. It almost doesn't seem real. I'm really looking forward to progressing through the degrees, meeting more brothers and participating in the lodge.

On the way home from lodge I had a great chat on 2 meters after midnight as you see in another post! It was a great way to cap the evening.

I'm proud to be one of the newest members of Lake Harriet Lodge!

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